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Famous Shipwrecks of the Last 400 Years

Hundreds of thousands of vessels have been lost over the last 400 years. This list of `Famous Shipwrecks of the Last 400 Years' details just a few of them. Northern Maritime Research has been documenting shipwrecks for the last 23 years in the Northern Shipwrecks Database.

Copies of the Northern Shipwrecks Database featuring more than 139,000 North American shipwrecks North American are available on CD-ROM. For details, use the link in the left column.

1989.03.24 EXXON VALDEZ Am. tanker - stranded in Prince William Sound, AK.
1982.02.15 OCEAN RANGER Am. oil rig 18,818 storm off Cape Race, NF.
1979.03.15 KURDISTAN Liberian oil tanker - ice off Cape Breton, NS.
1976.12.15 ARGO MERCHANT Liberian tanker - lost off Nantucket, MA.
1970.02.04 ARROW Liberian oil tanker 11,379 stranded off Arichat, NS.
1967.04.28 COSTARICAN TRADER Liberian freighter 4,141 stranded entering Halifax, NS.
1965.11.13 YARMOUTH CASTLE Am. liner 5,002 fire near Berry Is., Bahamas
1963.02.04 MARINE SULPHUR QUEEN Am. tanker 7,240 missing off Florida
1956.07.25 ANDREA DORIA Italian liner 29,100 collision off Nantucket, MA.
1952.02.18 PENDLETON Am. tanker 10,448 gale off Cape Cod, MA.
1945.05.06 U-853 German sub 740 sank near Block Island, RI.
1942.11.02 P. L. M. 27 Brit. freighter 5,633 torpedoed near Bell I., NF.
1942.11.02 ROSE CASTLE Cdn. freighter 7,803 torpedoed near Bell I., NF.
1942.10.14 CARIBOU Cdn. ferry 2,222 torpedoed off Port Aux Basques, NF.
1942.09.05 LORD STRATHCONA Cdn. freighter 7,335 torpedoed near Bell I., NF.
1942.09.05 SAGANAGA Brit. freighter 5,454 torpedoed near Bell I., NF.
1942.02.18 TRUXTUN (USS) Am. destroyer 1,193 stranded near St. Lawrence, NF.
1942.02.18 POLLUX (USS) Am. supply ship 6,085 stranded near St. Lawrence, NF.
1942.02.09 NORMANDIE French liner 83,423 fire at New York, NY.
1942.01.17 SAN JOSE Brit. freighter 3,358 torpedoed off Atlantic City, NJ.
1941.05.27 BISMARCK German battleship 35,000 torpedoed off Brest, France
1941.02.09 BRITANNIC Brit. merchant 2,490 bombed by Germans off Casablanca
1940.11.16 SWORDFISH Brit. sub 640 lost off Brest, France
1934.09.08 MORRO CASTLE Am. liner 11,520 fire off Asbury Park, NJ.
1933.04.04 AKRON Am. dirigible - lost in storm off Barnegat, NJ.
1923.05.21 MARVALE Brit. liner 11,438 ashore near Cape Race, NF.
1918.10.25 PRINCESS SOPHIA Cdn. liner 2,320 reef in Lynn Canal, AK.
1918.07.19 SAN DIEGO (USS) Am. cruiser 13,680 hit mine off Fire Island, NY.
1918.06.13 ASCANIA Brit. liner 9,121 stranded off Petites, NF.
1918.03.13 CYCLOPS (USS) Am. collier 19,360 missing in Bermuda Triangle
1917.08.01 LETITIA Brit. Hospital ship 8,991 stranded entering Halifax, NS.
1917.07.15 KRISTIANIAFJORD Norw. liner 10,669 struck near Cape Race, NF.
1915.05.07 LUSITANIA Brit. liner 31,550 torpedoed along coast off Ireland
1914.05.30 EMPRESS OF IRELAND Brit. liner 14,191 collision in St. Lawrence River
1912.04.14 TITANIC Brit. liner 46,329 hit iceberg off Cape Race, NF.
1909.01.23 REPUBLIC Brit. liner 15,379 collision off Nantucket, MA.
1904.06.15 GENERAL SLOCUM Am. paddle-wheeler 1,284 fire off New York City, NY.
1901.08.15 ISLANDER Cdn. steamer 1,495 hit iceberg near Juneau, AK.
1901.02.22 CITY OF RIO DE JANEIRO Am. liner 3,548 hit rocks near San Francisco, CA.
1900.06.30 SAALE German liner 4,967 caught fire near Hoboken, NJ.
1898.11.27 PORTLAND Am. paddle-wheeler 2,284 missing off Cape Cod, MA.
1898.07.10 DELAWARE Am. steamer 1,646 fire off Manasquan, NJ.
1886.03.14 OREGON Brit. liner 7,375 collision off Fire Island Inlet, NY.
1884.01.18 CITY OF COLUMBUS Am. liner 2,200 stranded at Martha's Vineyard, MA.
1883.07.25 MARCO POLO Norw. barque 1,626 stranded off Cavendish Beach, PEI.
1875.11.04 PACIFIC Am. paddle-wheeler 1,003 collision off Cape Flattery, WA.
1873.04.01 ATLANTIC Brit. liner 3,707 stranded entering Halifax, NS.
1872.12.04 MARY CELESTE Am. brigantine 282 found deserted off Azores
1865.07.30 BROTHER JONATHAN Am. paddle-wheeler 1,359 lost in storm near Crescent City, CA.
1865.04.27 SULTANA (USS) Am. paddle-wheeler 1,719 explosion near Memphis, Mississippi R., TN.
1864.02.17 H. L. HUNLEY Confederate sub - torpedoed HOUSATONIC but sank near Charleston, SC.
1864.02.17 HOUSATONIC (USS) sloop-of-war 1,240 torpedoed by HUNLEY near Charleston, SC.
1863.04.27 ANGLO SAXON Brit. steamer 1,750 stranded near Cape Race, NF.
1862.12.30 MONITOR (USS) ironclad gunboat 987 gale off Cape Hatteras, NC.
1862.05.11 VIRGINIA Confederate ironclad 3,200 sank near Norfolk, VA. (prev. MERRIMAC)
1861.04.20 MERRIMAC (later VIRGINIA) Am. frigate 3,000 scuttled to avoid capture near Norfolk, VA. (raised, rebuilt as VIRGINIA)
1857.09.12 CENTRAL AMERICA Am. paddle-wheeler 2,141 hurricane off Cape Hatteras, NC.
1854.10.01 YANKEE BLADE Am. paddle-wheeler 1,767 ashore at Point Arguello, CA.
1853.12.06 HUMBOLDT (USMC) Am. paddle-wheeler 2,350 stranded entering Halifax, NS.
1853.08.21 BREDALBANE Brit. barque 428 ice in Northwest Passage, Arctic
1848.04.22 EREBUS Brit. steamer 372 ice in Northwest Passage, Arctic (Franklin expedition)
1848.04.22 TERROR Brit. steamer 326 ice in Northwest Passage, Arctic (Franklin expedition)
1840.01.13 LEXINGTON Am. paddle-wheeler 488 fire off Port Jefferson, NY.
1802.10.29 JUNO Spanish warship - storm near Cape Charles, VA.
1798.05.25 DE BRAAK Brit. sloop of war 255 foundered near Cape Henlopen, DE.
1797.11.16 LA TRIBUNE Brit. frigate 916 stranded entering Halifax, NS.
1785.09.02 FAITHFUL STEWARD Brit. frigate 350 storm near Cape Henlopen, DE.
1779.08.14 DEFENCE Am. privateer - scuttled to avoid capture at Stockton, ME.
1779.03.11 DEFENSE (USS) Am. ship - stranded at Bartletts Reef, RI.
1758.06.21 CELEBRE French frigate 900 burnt in attack on Fortress of Louisbourg, NS.
1757.09.24 TILBURY Brit. frigate 1,124 hurricane off Cape Breton, NS.
1750.08.18 LA GALGA Spanish warship - hurricane off Cape Charles, VA.
1725.08.26 LE CHAMEAU French frigate 600 squall near Louisbourg, NS.
1718.11.-- QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE Brit. pirate ship - stranded near Cape Lookout, NC.
1717.04.26 WHYDAH Brit. pirate ship 300 foundered near Nauset, Cape Cod, MA.
1711.10.07 FEVERSHAM Brit. frigate 372 wrecked at Scatarie I., NS.
1635.08.15 ANGEL GABRIEL Brit. merchant - hurricane near Pemaquid Point, ME.
1622.09.06 NUESTRA SENORA DE ATOCHA Spanish galleon 600 lost in hurricane near Florida Keys, FL.
1556.05.24 CONCEPCION Spanish galleon 220 lost west of Havana, Cuba


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