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Famous Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes
Thousands of vessels have been lost throughout the Great Lakes. This list of `Famous Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes' details just a few of them. Northern Maritime Research has been documenting shipwrecks for the last 42 years in the Northern Shipwrecks Database. Copies of this research featuring more than 139,000 shipwrecks North American are available on CD-ROM. For more information, click that Northern Shipwrecks Database link in the left column.
1975.11.10 EDMUND FITZGERALD Am. freighter 13,632 lost in storm off Whitefish Bay, MI.
1966.11.19 NORDMEER German freighter 8,683 stranded off Alpena, MI.
1953.05.11 HENRY STEINBRENNER Am. freighter 4,345 foundered in gale off Isle Royale, MI.
1949.09.17 NORONIC Cdn. liner 6,905 caught fire at Toronto, ONT.
1947.09.24 MILVERTON Cdn. freighter - fire near Morrsiburg, ONT.
1934.11.30 HENRY CORT Am. freighter 2,234 ashore in storm near Muskegon, MI.
1929.10.29 WISCONSIN Am. freighter 1,921 sank in gale in Kenosha, WI.
1927.12.08 KAMLOOPS Cdn. freighter 2,302 sank near Isle Royale, MI.
1924.12.03 LAKELAND Am. liner 2,425 foundered in Sturgeon Bay, WI.
1915.07.24 EASTLAND Am. liner 1,961 capsized at Chicago, IL.
1914.04.28 BENJAMIN B. NOBLE Am. freighter 1,481 sank in storm off Duluth, MN.
1913.11.09 ARGUS Am. freighter 4,707 missing in storm on Lake Huron
1913.11.09 CHARLES S. PRICE Am. freighter 6,322 missing in storm off Port Sanilac, MI.
1913.11.09 HENRY B. SMITH Am. freighter 6,631 missing in storm off Marquette, MI.
1913.11.09 HYDRUS Am. freighter 4,714 missing in storm off Lexington, MI.
1913.11.09 ISAAC M. SCOTT Am. freighter 6,372 missing in storm off Port Elgin, ONT.
1913.11.09 JOHN A. MCGEAN Am. freighter 5,100 missing in storm off Port Sanilac, MI.
1913.11.09 LEAFIELD Cdn. freighter 1,453 missing in storm off Thunder Bay, ONT.
1913.11.09 REGINA Cdn. freighter 1,927 missing in storm off Port Sanilac, MI.
1913.11.08 JAMES C. CARRUTHERS Cdn. freighter 7,862 missing in storm off Goderich, ONT.
1913.11.08 WEXFORD Cdn. freighter 2,104 missing in storm off Sarnia, ONT.
1911.08.11 GUNILDA Am. steam yacht 385 stranded at Nipigon Bay, ONT.
1909.12.08 MARQUETTE & BESSEMER #2 Am. ferry 3,818 lost in gale off Conneaut, OH.
1909.12.08 CLARION Am. freighter 1,712 lost off Point Pelee, Lake Erie
1907.10.11 CYPRUS Am. freighter 4,900 foundered near Big Two-Hearted River, MI.
1895.01.21 CHICORA Am. liner 1,123 missing off St. Joseph, MI.
1893.10.14 DEAN RICHMOND Am. freighter 1,432 foundered off Dunkirk, NY.
1889.09.12 ROTHESAY Cdn. paddle-wheeler 839 collision near Prescott, ONT.
1889.07.13 SMITH MOORE Am. freighter 1,191 lost off Munising, MI.
1888.05.30 MAGGIE MCRAE Cdn. freighter 329 foundered in ice at Thunder Bay, ONT.
1887.10.29 VERNON Am. steamer 695 foundered off Manitowoc, WI.
1885.11.07 ALGOMA Cdn. steamer 1,773 stranded in storm at Isle Royale, MI.
1883.11.16 MANISTEE Am. steamer 677 lost in gale off Keweenaw Peninsula, MI.
1877.07.25 CUMBERLAND Cdn. paddle-wheeler 418 stranded at Isle Royale, Lake Superior, MI.
1868.04.09 SEA BIRD Am. paddle-wheeler 638 lost off Waukegan, IL.
1865.08.12 PEWABIC Cdn. freighter 960 collision off Thunder Bay I., MI.
1863.08.28 SUNBEAM Am. paddle-wheeler 398 missing off Eagle Harbor, MI.
1862.11.-- BLACK HAWK Am. brig - lost off Frankfort, Lake Michigan
1856.10.29 SUPERIOR Am. paddle-wheeler 567 sank in gale near Grand Island, MI.
1856.10.24 TOLEDO Am. steamer 585 foundered off Port Washington, WI.
1856.09.24 NIAGARA Am. paddle-wheeler 1,099 lost near Racine, WI.
1854.12.08 WESTMORELAND Am. steamer 665 foundered off Sleeping Bear Point, MI.
1852.08.20 ATLANTIC Am. paddle-wheeler 1,155 collision in Long Point, Lake Erie
1841.08.09 ERIE Am. paddle-wheeler 497 explosion off Silver Creek, NY.
1833.10.09 GEORGE WASHINGTON Am. paddle-wheeler 605 ashore on Long Point, Lake Erie, ONT.
1821.11.01 WALK IN THE WATER Am. paddle-wheeler 338 ashore at Point Abino, Lake Erie, ONT.
1813.08.08 HAMILTON Am. gunboat 76 squall off Port Dalhousie, ONT.
1813.08.08 SCOURGE Am. gunboat 50 foundered off Port Dalhousie, ONT.
1804.10.08 SPEEDY (HMS) Brit. schnr - missing off Lakeport, Lake Ontario, ONT.
1793.12.18 ONONDAGA (HMS) Brit. gunboat 100 wrecked in gale at Toronto, ONT.
1783.11.23 ONTARIO Brit. sloop 100 lost off Oswego, Lake Ontario, NY.
1764.06.17 LE BLANC HENRY French frigate - foundered off Kingston, ONT.
1721.07.02 LE JEAN FLORIN French frigate - foundered off Erie, PA.
1679.09.18 GRIFFIN French gunboat 75 lost near Tobermory, ONT.

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