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One shipwreck is a disaster... 139,000 is maritime history!  


     Northern Maritime Research has been documenting shipwrecks since 1979. Copies of this research have been made available on CD-ROM to raise funds for the continuation of this project. The `NMR Database' CD features more than 139,000 North American wrecks from the 1500s to 1990s

Newfoundland Shipwrecks

1498.--.-- John Cabot's MATTHEW stranded at Grates Cove
1565.--.-- Basque whaler SAN JUAN lost at Red Bay, Labrador
1696.09.11 HMS SAPPHIRE scuttled at Bay Bulls to avoid capture by French
1781.--.-- HMS DUCHESS OF CUMBERLAND wrecked near Cape Ray
1813.11.05 HMS SOUTHAMPTON stranded in gale near Bay Bulls
1813.11.05 HMS TWEED stranded in gale near Bay Bulls
1816.10.24 frigate HMS COMUS stranded in fog near Cape Race
1816.11.10 British transport HARPOONER stranded in fog near Cape Race carrying soldiers
1822.06.22 sloop HMS DRAKE stranded near St. Shotts, Cape Race
1828.07.10 British brig DESPATCH carrying immigrants stranded near Isle Aux Morts
1831.07.19 barque LADY SHERBROOKE stranded in gale near Port Aux Basques
1833.05.09 British ship HARVEST HOME stove in by ice off Cape Race
1833.05.11 Scottish brig LADY OF THE LAKE stove in by ice near Cape St. Francis
1854.09.07 British steamer CITY OF PHILADELPHIA stranded in fog near Cape Race
1854.09.27 side-wheeler ARCTIC collided with steamer VESTA off Cape Race
1859.11.21 British Allan liner INDIAN stranded near Cape Race
1863.04.27 British Allan liner ANGLO SAXON stranded near Cape Race
1867.10.09 schooner SEA CLIPPER stranded in storm near Spotted Island, Labrador
1867.12.12 Welsh brig QUEEN OF SWANSEA stranded in storm at Gull Island, near Cape St. John
1869.08.08 German steamer GERMANIA stranded in fog near Cape Race
1872.07.30 schooner VILLAGE BELLE lost at Cape St. Francis
1875.11.29 schooner WATERWITCH stranded near Pouch Cove. Rescuers lowered down cliff
1877.01.05 steamer GEORGE CROMWELL stranded near Cape Race
1877.01.20 steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON stranded near Cape Race
1882.01.06 steamer LION missing near Baccalieu Tickle
1898.03.21 sealing steamer GREENLAND lost 48 men on the ice ("GREENLAND Disaster")
1900.01.10 German steamer HELGOLAND stranded near Cape Race
1901.07.08 Scottish steamer DELMAR stranded near Cape Race
1907.09.19 schooner DUCHESS OF FIFE stranded near Bonavista
1912.04.15 White Star liner TITANIC collided with iceberg off Cape Race and sank with 1503 lives
1912.12.20 British Furness-Withy liner FLORENCE stranded near Cape Race
1914.03.31 Scottish sealing steamer SOUTHERN CROSS lost in blizzard near Cape Race
1915.06.20 schooner MARION missing off St. Pierre and Miquelon
1918.08.25 sealing steamer ERIK torpedoed off St. Pierre and Miquelon
1917.07.14 Norwegian liner KRISTIANIAFJORD stranded in fog near Cape Race
1918.02.24 steamer FLORIZEL stranded in storm near Cappahayden and Renews
1919.12.29 Dutch steamer ANTON VAN DRIEL stranded near Cape Race
1922.08.08 light-cruiser HMS RALEIGH stranded in fog at Point Amour in Strait of Belle Isle
1923.05.21 Canadian Pacific liner MARVALE stranded near Cape Race
1924.02.01 schooner PRESIDENT COAKER stranded in gale near Cape Race
1931.03.15 sealing barque VIKING lost by explosion at ice near White Bay
1942.02.18 destroyer USS TRUXTUN stranded with POLLUX in snow storm near Lawn-St. Lawrence
1942.02.18 supply ship USS POLLUX stranded with TRUXTUN in snow storm near Lawn-St. Lawrence
1942.10.14 Newfoundland Railway ferry CARIBOU torpedoed by U-boat off Port Aux Basques
1942.09.05 iron-ore carrier SAGANAGA torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island
1942.09.05 iron-ore carrier LORD STRATHCONA torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island
1942.11.02 iron-ore carrier P. L M. 27 torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island
1942.11.02 iron-ore carrier ROSE CASTLE torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island
1948.04.29 motor vessel ADMINISTRATRIX collided with LOVADAL in fog near Cape Race
1949.11.22 motor ship HARCOURT KENT stranded near Cape Race
1977.06.02 Canadian National ferry WILLIAM CARSON sank in ice near Square Island, Labrador
1982.02.15 American oil-rig OCEAN RANGER foundered in storm on Grand Banks off Cape Race.

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