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Northern Maritime Research's

Northern Shipwrecks Database

One shipwreck is a disaster... 138,000 is maritime history!  


     Northern Maritime Research has been documenting shipwrecks since 1979. The `NMR Database' CD features more than 138,000 North American wrecks from the 1500s to 1990s. Below is an extract from our database showing Famous Shipwrecks of the 1700s.

NMR Database Extract Famous Shipwrecks - 1700s

1710.12.11 ship NOTTINGHAM GALLEY lost near Boon Island, ME.

1711.10.07 HMS FEVERSHAM wrecked at Scatarie Island, Cape Breton, NS.

1717.04.26 pirate ship WHYDAH wrecked at Cape Cod, MA.

1718.11.-- QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE lost near Cape Lookout, NC.

1721.07.02 French frigate LE JEAN FLORIN foundered in Lake Erie off Erie, PA.

1725.08.26 French frigate LE CHAMEAU wrecked near Louisbourg, Cape Breton, NS.

1750.08.18 Spanish NUESTRA SENORA DE LA SOLIDAD lost near Cape Hatteras, NC.

1750.08.18 Spanish frigate LA GALGA lost at Assateague Island, near Cape Charles, VA.

1750.09.-- Spanish NUESTRA SENORA DE GUADELOUPE lost near Cape Hatteras, NC.

1754.01.01 Spanish galleon SAN SEBASTIAN lost at Santa Catalina Island, Channel Islands, CA.

1757.09.24 HMS TILBURY wrecked near St. Esprit, Cape Breton, NS.

1757.09.24 HMS FERRET lost near Tilbury Island, Cape Breton, NS.

1761.11.14 transport AUGUSTE stranded in gale near Dingwall, Cape Breton, NS.

1764.06.17 French frigate LE BLANC HENRI foundered near Lington, Lake Ontario, ONT.

1778.11.02 HMS SOMERSET stranded near Race Point, Provincetown, MA.

1780.09.13 HMS HUSSAR lost near Brothers Island, New York, NY.

1782.01.21 HMS BLONDE stranded on Blonde Rock, near Seal Island, Yarmouth, NS.

1783.--.-- merchantman HUZZAR wrecked in East River, New York, NY.

1785.09.02 HMS FAITHFUL STEWARD wrecked at Rehobeth Beach, Indian River Inlet, DE.

1797.11.16 HMS LA TRIBUNE stranded at Herring Cove, Halifax, NS.

1797.12.27 HMS HUNTER wrecked near Hog Island, Cape Charles, VA.

1798.05.25 HMS DE BRAAK lost near Lewes, Cape Henlopen, DE

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